Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula leads the Misa Mayor for the 80th anniversary of the Santissimo Rosario Parish on Sunday, Oct. 2. (Photo by Valere Jane R. Callorena/ The Varsitarian)

MANILA Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula called on parishioners of the Santisimo Rosario Parish to work on increasing their faith so they could endure the sufferings of the world, as he led the Misa Mayor in celebration of the parish anniversary and fiesta on Sunday.

In his homily, Advincula said that faith would allow a person to see the world’s challenges in a different light.

“Without faith, we may easily give up when difficulties come our way. Faith enables us to endure the sufferings of this world. A person with faith will always persevere,” he said.

Faith also allows a person to develop an eternal perspective, the Manila archbishop said.

“If we have faith in God, nothing is delayed. Delays are only from our human perspective. God is never late. His acts are always right on time. And to be able to believe that is faith,” he said.

Advincula also said praying the rosary would help develop one’s faith as it signifies how Mary obeyed God’s plan.

To end his homily, Advincula recited a prayer: “We ask Mary to lend us her eyes and heart in contemplation, in contemplating her son Jesus. We pray that like Mary, we may grow in faith by constantly saying yes to God’s plan. Amen.”

The Mass was offered on the final day of the parish’s fiesta celebrations.

A grand procession of the image of the Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario and Dominican saints and martyrs followed the fiesta Mass held in the afternoon.

The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, to mark the decisive victory of the Christian fleet in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto. with reports from Ammiel B. Maestrado


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