(Photo courtesy of Zion Licup.)

AS THE country reels from the havoc brought by Typhoon “Ulysses,” several Thomasians led relief efforts to help those affected by massive flooding.

Accountancy junior Patricia Claire Cruz’s youth-led donation drive in Montalban provided over 500 relief packs that consisted of old clothes, face masks, face shields, toiletries, canned goods, medicine, ready-to-eat food, hygiene kits, bottled water and blankets.

(Photo courtesy of Patricia Claire Cruz.)

“When the national government is failing to provide a sound disaster management plan or any concrete plan to address the needs of those affected, we can only rely on our own initiatives,” Cruz told the Varsitarian.

“Kung hindi tayo kikilos ngayon, sino pa ang tutulong sa kanila?” Cruz added.

Cruz’s group has raised P107,268.65 as of Nov. 15.

A group of high school friends, including industrial design junior Levi Edrozo and architecture junior Alyssa Gaffud, led the donation drive for their hometown of Santiago, Isabela.

(Photo courtesy of Levi Edroso.)

They have distributed 400 packs of relief goods as well as P141,060.91 in financial assistance as of Nov. 16.

Journalism students Gwyneth Luga and Mark Villeza launched an online donation drive through their online shop “Art Closet Manila.”

(Photo courtesy of Art Closet Manila official Facebook page.)

They were able to raise almost P10,000 in addition to the relief packs they have sent to affected families in Cagayan.

“Being a student doesn’t mean you’re limited to your surroundings. This is the time when we can do something about what’s happening to every one of us,” they said in a statement to the Varsitarian.

Arts and Letters students Mica Geneza, Kasandra Melad, Red Leongson and Kristina Santos started a fund-raising drive “Tulong sa Cagayan” to help affected families in the area.

(Photo courtesy of Mica Geneza.)

“We felt the need to do something to help the people,” they told the Varsitarian.

Architecture student Zion Licup joined relief efforts initiated by iUplift Philippines, a student-led fundraising initiative.

iUplift Philippines served meals to over 1,200 evacuees and distributed 130 relief packs in Marikina City.

Licup said participation in relief efforts was the “perfect opportunity to make a difference,” and urged Thomasians to help in their own ways.

“It’s one way of pooling resources of those who can, to help those who may need it the most [..] kahit gaano man kalaki o kaliit ang ating ambag makakatulong at makakatulong iyon sa ating mga kababayan. We should always remember that every ambag matters,” Licup told the Varsitarian.

The UST Central Student Council’s donation campaign has collected P79,066 as of Nov. 15. The UST-Simbahayan Community Development office is also spearheading relief efforts for typhoon victims in Bicol and other affected areas.

Students from the College of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Senior High School and Faculty of Medicine and Surgery have also initiated their own relief drives.


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