A CHILD'S DREAM COMES TRUE. Lester Mico Danganan’s childhood ambition written on a 22-year-old yearbook is fulfilled in the November 2020 physician licensure exams (Photo from Lester Mico Danganan’s Twitter)

One of UST’s newest physicians made his 5-year-old self quite proud by passing the recent licensure exams, fulfilling a childhood ambition he made clear in an old black-and-white photo.

The image, posted alongside Lester Mico Danganan’s grad pic, made the rounds of social media in an inspiring testament to his hard work. Printed there 22 years ago was his dream of becoming a doctor.


“[The person] most worth impressing is your five-year-old self. We did it, fam,” Danganan, now 27, wrote on Facebook.

“It would be a long, arduous journey. The lows are lows, but the highs are unforgettable and life-changing. Most days it would be hard to see the end but always remember why you started and you’ll make it through.”

Danganan was among the 436 new Thomasian doctors. Four UST graduates also made it in the Top 10.

Henrick Ryan Fong, who placed third with an 88.33-percent score, said the country’s healthcare system—often described as deplorable especially in rural areas—was one reason he pursued medicine.

“[Now,] being a licensed physician, we got lives on our hands and we should be competent enough to take care of those lives,” he told the Varsitarian.

UST was the fifth top-performing school in the latest licensure with a 95.61-percent passing rate. A total of 436 out of 456 of its examinees made it. M.D.M.P. Reyes and J.V.V. Yap


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