MOONLIGHT’S kiss on water, wanders to the crimson crescent of a smile,

In ripples renewed, as though the world were beautifully askew.

Kindled from above, the tree-side river is aglow:

Entrenched on shy earth, chained to wild mud,

It is that floating face now only seen; or that leaf that drops its tree!

Rivers freeze then flow, in beats of doubt and cold,

Evening’s cloudy dark only sings of tomorrow’s night;

Lost waves cannot halt to a mirror-still, while a raindrop falls uncertain.

Alone with my warm breaths and seated as a lotus it is safest—

Vanity are my whispered prayers, failing to sing for you.

*Note: Satori, a term in Zen Buddhism meaning “enlightenment, that is Self-realization, opening the Mind’s eye, awakening to one’s True-nature and hence the nature of all existence.” (Kapleau, 1989).

Roman Carlo R. Loveria

Wicks and waxes


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