BOTH, a new face and an old

gaze, hold a special pod.

Capsules to be filled

with tastes of memories—

never touching the brim—

all from some first glimpse.

Some seem sweet

so easy on the tongue

others scream


from inside.

The delectable ones

I had in the past

took their toll and left

a sought-after taste.

Only a few were a quench

for my thirst. Most were

just plain addiction.

Still, the old usual tablets

give off flavors, which,

my tongue

is unfamiliar with.

At times, the new ones

resemble a tang—

of which I am certain

I had taken,

I just can’t tell when.

When I capture your face,

I hope to fill the pill

and take it with ease.

Befriend my tongue

and let me not forget

to take the sweet

capsules of you.

Agnes Ruth Diana S. Bordado

Olympic postscripts


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