Black water is rising out from the heavens

as tin and plastic fish scatter

towards no certain direction,

drifting to an unending search for nothing.

I stand here, alone on galvanized sea floor

on a shallow part of the make-believe two storey sea,

waiting to be rescued,

or be drifted away—save me.

It’s been 43 hours. It’s been a while. Please?

Little droplets be part of the sea,

I wish they’d stop raining down on me.

The violent whisper of stone cold winds

cut invisible flesh wounds on my skin.

Here I am—stranded,

hoping that mishap come no more.

I beg mishap come no more.

At last! I see light aside from the dark thunder clouds

which haunt my days.

Is it the sun? The hot ball that ends the cold.

Is it a rainbow? The arc that marks the end of the rain.

Is it a helicopter?

The mechanical bird that will take me to safety.

Oh no, it’s lightning—more rain.

Great, what now? An ocean.

Pito-Pitong Pangarap


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