What does it matter if we flash and fade

If in one moment—however brief—we outshine

The sun and all the stars, if for a few seconds

We reduce the sun into nothing but a chunk of ice

And turn the stars into blind men’s light?

The imminence of ending serves to fuel fire;

A slow, weak burn only teases the spirit

But a flaming burst and its blinding flare is a wonder,

Is mythic, is remembered for that perfect moment

When it illuminates all corners of the universe

And mocks the darkness

Of what we are content to call light.

True, the heavens will outlive us both,

But in that moment, we are the heavens.

*Joshua Carlo Pile is the Ophelia Dimalanta awardee in the poetry category of 28th Gawad Ustetika

The unbearable lightness of a spot-less mind


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