(Inspirations from the Mueller & the Muse)

“We are not human beings having spiritual experiences
but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Rene Mueller

We as souls
search for possibilities
to realize and release
certain patterns,
preventing ourselves
from remembering
the failure
which in truth
is not a failure,
but a pattern,
and kept
as we search
to understand.

You and I sang this rhythm,
a broken chord
of friendships and non-friendships,
in a crescendo
of silence.

Now, your spirit incarnates
And isolates itself into forgetting.
I can no longer hold you.

If you can understand that our souls
are fragmented,
then you are ready to consider this:
we are immense enough
to exist
in many realities
at once.

You shall dwell
In the truth that holds
This right,

And I shall slumber
In the reality of a fragrant mourning:

Love is the death of a thousand beginnings.

(for Jerome)

Montage Vol. 6 • August 2002


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