The mermen hunted & stuck in the oceans
cut by shores into conquered kingdoms,
hardened among corals. Fish played w/ bubbles
between aged waves, danced w/o scales
& w/ closed, green eyes. Then sighed.
The oceans sighed & hunted in the shores
stuck by kingdoms into cut corals,
conquered among fish. Bubbles hardened w/ waves
between played scales, aged w/o eyes
& w/ danced, green mermen. Then closed.
The shores closed & sighed in the kingdoms
hunted by corals into stuck fish,
cut among bubbles. Waves conquered w/ scales
between hardened eyes, played w/o mermen
& w/ aged, green oceans. Then danced.
The kingdoms danced & closed in the corals
sighed by fish into hunted bubbles,
stuck among waves. Scales cut w/ eyes
between conquered mermen, hardened w/o oceans
& w/ played, green shores. Then aged.
The corals aged & danced in the fish
closed by bubbles into sighed waves,
hunted among scales. Eyes stuck w/ mermen
between cut oceans, conquered w/o shores
& w/ hardened, green kingdoms. Then played.
The fish played & aged in the bubbles
danced by waves into closed scales,
sighed among eyes. Mermen hunted w/ oceans
between stuck shores, cut w/o kingdoms
& w/ conquered, green corals. Then hardened.
The bubbles hardened & played in the waves
aged by scales into danced eyes,
closed among mermen. Oceans sighed w/ shores
between hunted kingdoms, stuck w/o corals
& w/ cut, green fish. Then conquered.
The waves conquered & hardened in the scales
played by eyes into aged mermen,
danced among oceans. Shores closed w/ kingdoms
between sighed corals, hunted w/o fish
& w/ stuck, green bubbles. Then cut.
The scales cut & conquered in the eyes
hardened by mermen into played oceans,
aged among shores. Kingdoms danced w/ corals
between closed fish, sighed w/o bubbles
& w/ hunted, green waves. Then stuck.
The eyes stuck & cut in the mermen
conquered by oceans into hardened shores,
played among kingdoms. Corals aged w/ fish
between danced bubbles, closed w/o waves
& w/ sighed, green scales. Then hunted.

Montage Vol. 11 • September 2008


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