IT’S ABOUT time.


For hardly showing the real time, classroom wall clocks at the Faculty of Arts and Letters have been removed and the dean is planning to install a Thomasian version of “Big Ben” that will finally give the exact time.

The clocks’ inconsistencies had brought confusion and hardly anybody could tell whether the professors or students were late for class. Classes have also overlapped because of disagreements over the correct time, adversely affecting the academic operations of the Faculty.

To settle the matter, Arts and Letters Dean Armando de Jesus said the “Big Ben” near his office will be the official time within the Faculty’s premises.

London’s famous Big Ben refers refers to the 13-ton clock and not necessarily to the tower located at the north-eastern part of Westminster Palace. The clock tower’s name is Saint Stephen’s Tower. Big Ben was named in honor of England’s first Commissioner of Works, Benjamin Hall. Regulated with a stack of coins placed inside a huge pendulum, Big Ben is an excellent timekeeper, and has rarely stopped.

“The timepieces inside the classrooms are not synchronized and they are not showing the real time,” De Jesus told the Varsitarian. “So I have gathered all the wall clocks and will instead install a central timepiece in order to synchronize the time here in the building.”

De Jesus said the “irregularities” in time may have been caused by the faulty clocks themselves or worse, by a few “naughty” students.

“We cannot also discount the fact that there are some students who play with the clock by advancing the time,” he said.


The Artlets Big Ben, which will be electrically operated, will buzz at certain intervals to signal the accurate time. Personal timepieces should be synchronized with the “Big Ben,” de Jesus said.


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