A HUNGER STRIKE of about 100,000 signatories is being pursued by activist groups, aiming to end the ‘severity’ of traditional politics in the country.
In a forum organized by graduating Political Science students last February 20 at the Tan Yan Kee auditorium, Kapatiran, Partido ng Manggagawa and Partido Kalikasan representatives encouraged the youth to hold erring public officials accountable for their misdeeds.

Lawyer Adrian Sison, head of Kapatiran, said that government officials, elected and trusted by the public, must be able to find ways to provide for at least the basic needs of the people such as food, shelter and education.

“Certainly, we cannot say our country is progressing economically if more than 50 per cent of Filipinos live under the poverty line,” Sison said. “It is the duty of the government to supply these necessities.”

Sison also said that many Filipinos are “enslaved” and “abused” because of insufficient job opportunities in the country, forcing then to go abroad and be away from their families.

“Many are suffering in silence for survival. I know some raped overseas Filipina workers who could not escape from their abusive bosses because they will lose their jobs,” Sison added.

Quoting ZTE key witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, Roy Cabongero of Partido Kalikasan said that there are two kinds of Filipino families and it is everybody’s responsibility to nurture both.

“Lozada said there are two kinds of (Filipino) families, the personal and the generic. We must not only think of our personal and small family, but take good care also of the whole Filipino nation,” Cabongero said. “We must not let five or 10 of the richest families in the country to control and decide for us.”

Ex-Press, MTRCB chief writes 30

Cabongero added that the current political crisis wiil not end unless the traditional politicians or “trapos” continue to break the law instead of upholding it.

“Trapos say they want to serve the people but in reality, it is their personal family that benefits,” Cabongero said.

Cabongero also said that it is unfair to use the word “traditional” when pertaining to dishonest public officials.

“Corruption is not a part of our tradition. In fact, our ancestors before the time of Christ were very honest traders according to Chinese history books,” said Cabongero. “It is a pity that most of our politicians today do not retain this kind of image.”

In order to “kill” the trapos, lawyer Zosimo “Jess” Paredes said it was high time that their anomalies be exposed through forums.

“This is a fight between the good and bad. We will kill them with shame,” said Paredes.

Meanwhile, Sanlakas party list Rep. Renato Magtubo urged the youth to use their “sacred” voting rights to choose better public officials.

“No matter how good your representative is, if the Congress is dominated by the trapos, our aims will not push through,” Magtubo said. “At the end of the day, elections will still have the last say.”


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