A SOCIETY that does not care for the family is a society that does not know it is unconsciously committing suicide.

It is quite remarkable to note that science has gone beyond the basic unit of life, the cell, in its quest to improve health care through research. This is in stark contrast to the government which fails in addressing the problems of its basic unit—the family.

The government is more concerned with the dictates of globalization and birth-control imperialism than in providing basic health care service. The budget for contraception is ten-fold greater than that for basic health services. While the government claims medicines are cheaper now, very few can afford them, especially in the rural areas. You can find more IUD’s (internal uterine device), a contraceptive, than free over-the-counter medicines in health centers. Condoms are given free while paracetamol is sold.

This again boils down to the distorted view of the government on population. It shows how the government is generally a puppet of foreign funding agencies that shower our public health system with artificial contraceptives but hardly give funding for more basic medicines. In the view of these contraceptive imperialists, poverty is caused by high population growth.

But poverty is the result of unemployment, social inequity, corruption, and mismanagement, not of overpopulation. Poverty should not be addressed by reducing the population. Rather it can be solved by creating more jobs, demolishing social structures that breed poverty and injustice, checking corruption, and fostering correct public policy planning.

In fact, economists consider human resources vital to economic growth. Many Nobel-winning economists view any one-to-one correspondence between high population and low economic growth as economic voodoo.

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Legislators have failed to create laws to check poverty. They have not passed laws to protect the interest of the family such as more affordable education and improved access to health care. Instead, they are making legislation the greatest show of their lives, enacting one law after another regardless of whether such laws can be implemented or not, whether or not they can work at all.

The legislators even threaten the family by trying to legalize abortion and divorce. And even the Church, who strongly opposes the law, seems to be helpless in trying to stop Congress.

Divorce is being offered as an option for failed relationships sealed by marriage. People are being encouraged to imitate the sordid lifestyle of their movie idols.

These issues eat at the very foundation of the family. Alas, instead of protecting the family, our lawmakers seem determined to destroy it.


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