“The government should intensify its family planning program. But there should be caution on this bill. Doctors might always say there’s a medical need for abortion.”
– Professor Emer Gonzales, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“Yes, because people nowadays should be empowered to make changes in their lives (especially now that we have technology to attain them). However, abortion should be limited to exceptional cases. Women should be given the right to abort babies from rape if circumstances would put the mother and baby in an unfavorable situation. If a pregnant woman is carrying a child with abnormalities, abortion should be allowed so as to spare the child a miserable life in the future. Favoring the bill doesn’t mean bringing disorder in the society. It is merely alleviating future pain and improving quality of life.”
– Gerry Linsangan, 4th yr. Economics, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“No, because it is against God’s law. Life is a precious gift bestowed by God. No one can take away life but God alone. This bill might cause a lot of immoralities and dehumanizing activities that are not part of God’s plan for humankind.”

Sr. Evelyn Gravador, RCM, M.A Psychology, Graduate School

“Yes, because family planning addresses only the concerns of married couples. It’s about time that problems concerning the youth should be remedied. In our country, family planning issues are a taboo. I think people should have proper orientation regarding reproductive health so that they would know the implications that would arise from their decisions. I am not in favor of abortion per se and I even looked down upon doctors who failed to live by their Hippocratic oath.”

Brian Paolo Ventura, 4th yr. Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

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“Definitely, I’m not in favor because we are a Christian Catholic country. It’s against our faith. Abortion, whatever you call it, even if it is legal, is still killing a human life. We are propagating the culture of life.”
– Sem. Benjo Fajota, 1st yr. Theology, Ecclesiastical Faculties

“Yes, because rampant cases of unsafe abortions are disturbing. It just shows how we are really lagging behind when it comes to effective policies regarding population and reproductive health care programs. Abortions should be allowed in certain unavoidable cases wherein the life of a pregnant woman would be at risk.”
– Ma. Christine Galarpe, 3rd yr, Economics, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“No. From what I have read, this bill is already being presented for passage even if it still has flaws. An article defending the bill cited one of its provisions, which is to allow consensual abortion under exceptional cases. For all we know, Filipinos, being born geniuses, will soon find a way on how to use this bill the way it shouldn’t be.”

John Roson, 4th yr., Journalism, Faculty of Arts and Letters


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