THE UST Museum of Arts and Sciences is hosting the Fifth Annual Interior Design and Christmas Décor Competition and Exhibit until Dec. 20 at the Museum Gallery. The exhibit opened last Dec. 9.

“Hark the Herald” showcases angel decors in a garden setting in two-dimensional forms and mixed media painting. There are also be samples of hanging and tabletop decor.

According to curator Jocelyn Tullao, UST is the only school with a department-wide competition held in a museum.

“The exhibit is a better alternative of decorating the Museum during Christmas. Due to budget constraints, we do not have the means of producing decorations apt for a museum of this size. That is why we thought of this contest,” Tullao said.

The contest’s judges were College of Fine Arts and Design professors Gil Santos and Mary Ann Bulanadi.

In addition, the Museum is also having a light-up-a-Christmas-tree fund-raising campaign, “PUNOng-puno ng Liwanag.” Proceeds of this event will go to the families of a fishing village in the Visayas as a form of livelihood contribution. The museum is planning to give motor boats to the fishing families.

The turnover ceremony will be on Jan. 6 at the “Panimula” exhibit in line with the World Meeting of Families.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Province of the Philippines, through the Commission on Missions, held a photo exhibit, “The Dominican Mission…A Dominican Heritage,” in line with its 31st anniversary last Dec. 2 to 5 at the Museum Gallery.

The showcase featured the different local mission stations of the province focusing on the people, the geographical and topographical conditions of the areas, and the various projects implemented by the Commission.

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