WARY that the new digital I.D. system will be used to monitor their movements, campus activists have accused the University of harassment.

According to Romulo Yumul, a member of the Alliance of Concerned Thomasians, UST implemented the new I.D. system to keep an eye on them.

“Feeling namin may hidden agenda. (With the) digital I.D.system, they can bar us from entering the buildings. (Now, it would be easier) for them to stop our activities,” Yumul said.

However, the UST Administration denied such allegations, saying the new system is merely for security purposes of students because of theft and other crimes even inside the buildings.

Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P., UST Secretary-General and director of the Computer Center, said the digital I.D. system was never intended to harass or be a tool for harassment.

“Everybody is going to wear the digital I.D., and how can we stop them from organizing such activities? As long as they do not violate anything in the Student Handbook, we have no reason to prevent them from entering the buildings, digital I.D. or not,” Cabading said

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