FEAR NOT Scooby-Doo lovers. The timid canine may now be spared of ghostly terrors.

Parapsychology (the study of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists) has been trying to establish the existence of paranormal sightings since the early 80’s, but the lack of solid documentation and tangible evidence covered the studies with cobwebs.

Although the exact definition of a ghost is still a hot debate in science, the fear of paranormal experience may now be overcome with the help of modern gadgets.

Recent technological developments in the United States, as revealed through techtv.com, prove that paranormal investigations can now be backed by science. The Natural Tri-Field Meter, a ghost-busting device developed by the American Alpha Laboratory, is capable of detecting changes in extremely weak, static, electric and magnetic fields while ignoring power lines, appliances and other man-made electromagnetic sources.

According to American parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, ghosts are fields of energy. Moving something energetic through the magnetic field may change the magnetic energy.

When the device was tested in an allegedly haunted war-era military place in New York, the meter fluctuated wildly. According to Auerbach, the very high levels of electromagnetic radiation in a given environment caused this uncommon phenomenon. Using thermal imaging cameras, he detected differences in heat energy that could be translated into a color image using the infrared camera’s 320×240 pixel focal plane array detector.

The camera’s very high resolution appeared to pinpoint ghostly presence, as snap shots taken at the time of the tri-meter’s abnormal fluctuation captured strange white dots around the area. John Ferdinand T. Buen

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