DESPITE his formal resignation as College of Architecture (CA) Dean last Aug. 28, Arch. Luis Ferrer still intends to teach in the University.

Last July, Ferrer resigned after rector Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O. P. allowed the changing of the grade of a debarred student from a five to an incomplete, that consequently paved the way for the his re-entry into the college.

However, CA Asst. Dean Arch. Tobias Bonaobra Bonaobra did not give any reason for Ferrer’s decision.

Currently, Ferrer is teaching at the UST Graduate School and will return next semester as a regular faculty member of the college.

The Varsitarian tried to get Ferrer’s side but he could not be reached for comments.

In lieu of Ferrer, Bonaobra, now serves as Acting Dean. He has been with the college since 1982 and has been asst. dean since 1999.

Meanwhile, the dean’s council, which is investigating the case, is yet to come up with a decision. The council is composed of the assistant dean, the regent, two former deans, and the college secretary.

According to Bonaobra, the dean’s council will come up with a decision within a month.

“The student knows very well that if the result of the investigation (will not be favorable to him), (he’ll be) automatically (kick-out of the University),” Bonaobra said.

In fact, before he was allowed to enroll this semester, the student signed a waiver which stated that if the investigation would show that there was no basis for the change of grade, he would have to transfer to another school. Teodoro Lorenzo A. Fernandez

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