THE NATIONAL Research Council of the Philippines, an elite organization of scientist-researchers nationwide, gave Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Dr. Rosalinda Solevilla an achievement award for her exemplary researches in the pharmaceutical sciences during the council’s 70th annual meeting at the Manila Hotel last March 15.

“I am happy that I was recognized by a national agency. I am also proud not only for the Faculty but for the University as well,” she said. “Before, the University of the Philippines used to dominate these awards. I hope tuloy-tuloy na UST naman.”

Solevilla stressed that other Thomasian researchers should strive to produce more quality research works.

Solevilla was also recognized for promoting the use of herbal drugs and economical and effective natural alternatives in chemical medicine.

The last Thomasian to receive the award was UST Research Center for Natural Sciences consultant Dr. Beatrice Guevarra in 2000 for her research in Organic Chemistry. At that time, Guevarra was still a faculty member of the College of Science.

Father Rector Tamerlane Lana, O.P. hopes that Solevilla’s recognition will inspire other Thomasians to have better research outputs.

“I hope that Dean Solevilla’s fete would again be repeated. I hope it inspires faculty members to strive harder to earn recognition,” Fr. Lana said. Elka Krystle R. Requinta

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