DESPITE the cancellation of its monthly exams, the Faculty of Pharmacy will retain the three-period grading system, according to Faculty of Pharmacy secretary Prof. Marife Narcida.

Last July 10, Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Dr. Rosalinda Solevilla issued a memorandum cancelling the schedule of the monthly exams, but did not state that the Faculty would be returning to the two-period grading system.

Narcida said that the students could have misinterpreted the memorandum issued by Solevilla as a reversion to its former grading system.

But students said the reversion was announced by the professors themselves.

A student from the faculty told the Varsitarian that a professor announced to them that they would not have monthly exams anymore, and that there would only be preliminary and final grading periods, which would have a 50-50 weight in the final their grades.

Meanwhile, the Pharmacy student council immediately asked for reconsideration.

Medical Technology Society president Reina Tan said, “Kaya nga nila ginawang three-period grading system kasi ang baba ng mga nakuha namin nung 50-50. Tapos, ibabalik nila ulit.”

Narcida said they had to forego the schedule for the monthly examinations because they were already behind schedule and needed to catch up. The monthly exams were scheduled for July 15 to 17. She added that even if the monthly exams were cancelled, the teachers were given instructions to give long quizzes in place of the exams.

Classes were suspended for at least four days in July because of heavy flooding and the nationwide Sangguniang Kabataan and barangay elections.

The Faculty of Pharmacy experimented with the two-period grading system during the school year 2000-2001, but returned to the three-period grading system the following school year after the experiment yielded poor grades among the students.

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After returning to the old system, the students were appeased.

“We’re satisfied with the outcome now. At least more students will have the chance of passing,” said James Castro, Pharmacy student council vice-president said.


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