FOR ALLEGED refusal to help rush a bleeding woman to the UST Hospital (USTH), a UST security guard is now under fire.

A complaint was filed by Faculty of Engineering student Romulo Yumul, who escorted a woman to the USTH last Oct. 2 after he saw her profusely bleeding inside the jeepney he was riding on the way to UST.

Upon arriving, Yumul signaled the security guard stationed at the Roque Ruaño Bldg. for help.

However, Yumul claimed that the guard ignored him, leaving him together with the woman’s female companion, to rush her to hospital’s emergency room.

Meanwhile, the UST-Office for Security Affairs (OSA) said the incident could have been just a case of misunderstanding.

According to UST-OSA, the stationed guard said he did not understand Yumul because he was across the street. The guard also alleged that the bleeding woman was capable of walking her way to the hospital.

However, UST-OSA said that proper disciplinary action would be given to the guard if the allegations of Yumul would be proven true. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie

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