WHAT goes up must come down.

This is the rule that all earthbound individuals must abide. However, men continue to defy the laws of gravity through ingenuity and resourcefulness. Most fail in the attempt, but a select few manage to delay the downward pull, even for a few moments. These special individuals are herein referred to as “sky walkers”.

* * *

Last June 27, House of Representatives Speaker Jose De Venecia, together with other lawmakers, endorsed a resolution that would scrap the 2004 presidential elections to revive the proposal to amend the Constitution through a constituent assembly—a legitimate process whereby members of Congress form themselves into a constitutional convention. The proposed amendments aim to shift the present form of government to a unicameral, modified parliamentary system of government. This translates into the possible abolition of both the Lower and Upper Houses of Congress.

A logical step it seems, considering the mess that the Senate has gotten itself into. However, a closer look at the proposal would reveal scenarios highly favorable to some of our distinguished lawmakers.

For one, this move would automatically extend of the term of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo until 2007, thus eliminating the possibility of GMA losing in the 2004 polls. Likewise, the extension of the Arroyo presidency would also ensure that the ruling administration coalition’s continued control over Philippine political affairs, that is, assuming that they could manage to stay united until 2007.

* * *

One justification raised by the authors of the proposal is that shifting from bicameral to a unicameral form of government, especially through a constituent assembly, would save the country a lot of money.

UST security guards save day

I have to agree on this point. Running for president is quite expensive nowadays. Just think of how much campaign funds that they could save should the 2004 presidential polls be scrapped.

* * *

In another development, Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Benjamin Abalos attempts to defy gravity as he froze last June 29 the relief order issued by the National Police Commission (Napolcom), bringing down several top Philippine National Police (PNP) officials for their alleged failure to curb illegal gambling in their jurisdictions.

Due to the administration’s adoption of the “command responsibility” policy, these police brass were sacked not because they were involved in illegal gambling, but due to non-compliance with a May 6 Napolcom directive ordering them to curb illegal gambling.

Among those who signed the relief order was then PNP Chief Director General Leandro Mendoza (now DOTC Secretary) , who likewise had command responsibility over these PNP officials. If we are to equitably follow the policy, shouldn’t the relief order apply to Sec. Mendoza as well?

* * *

Recently, Vice President Teofisto Guingona finally succumbed to the laws of political gravity when he finally stepped down as Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary. After more than a year as DFA chief, Guingona stepped down due to differences in foreign policy with the President.

* * *

Men will continuously strive to overcome the forces of nature. But one thing still remains, that what goes up, no matter how long it may be, will always come down … unless you’re in outer space, that is. Peace.


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