THE UNIVERSITY again proved that it is one of the best Nursing schools in the country as it produced seven topnotchers earning a 99. 70 percent passing rate with 334 out of 335 successful examinees in this year’s board exams.

The seven topnotchers were Debbie Ann Roberta Garcia, who got a rating of 87, Kathryn Medrana 86. 80, Viveth de la Rosa 86. 20, Sherilyn Lim 86, Ruby Escalada 85. 80, Maria Evalynn Young 85. 40, and Chestine Ual with 85. 20 to place first, second, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, and tenth, respectively

Last year, 292 of 297 Thomasians passed the Licensure Examinations for an average 98. 32 percent compared to the national passing rate of 50 percent. It was good for second place. This year, UST’s 99. 70 percent passing rate ranked first. The national passing rate was 54. 29 (2405 out of 4430).

Meanwhile, in the Electronics and Communications Engineer’s Licensure Exams, a Thomasian placed seventh to lead 14 other UST alumni.

With a rating of 86.90 percent, Jake Baluyut, a member of Batch 2000, ranked seventh in the board.

This year 914 out of 1903 examinees passed with a national passing rate of 48.03 percent, a few percentage points higher than last year’s 47 percent.

However, as of press time, the total number of Thomasians who took the April exams is not yet available. Teodoro Lorenzo A. Fernandez

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