THE RESEARCH Center for the National Sciences (RCNS) and the Faculty of Pharmacy held a Tonkin Symposium and Pharmacy Research Lectures last October 4 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex (TARC) which tackled the commercial potential of the Tonkin ointment.

Tonkin (Arundinaria amabilis) ointment can be used as home remedy to treat secondary infections in common types of skin ailments like cuts, wounds, first and second degree burns, insect bites, itchy skin condition, dry eczematous patches, absecesses, erosions and ulcerations and other skin irritations.

Representatives from pharmaceutical companies like Unilab, Pascual Laboratories, Swisspharma, and other companies were present.

In the symposium, Prof. Emeritus Beatrice Guevara, Ph.D. discussed the Tonkin historical perspective. Meanwhile, Dr. Mafel C. Ysrael, Pharmacy dean Dr. Rosalinda C. Solevilla, Dean Emeritus Norma V. Lerma, Ph.D., and A/Prof. Johanna K. Ngo discussed the Tonkin’s basic researches, clinical trial studies, ointment formulation studies, and its commercial potential respectively.

After the discussion, a guest from the Department of Health (DOH) commented that since the Tonkin ointment is an excellent project, the plan to pursue it in the market is long overdue. He also advised that it should have a technological transfer. Pascual Laboratories and Unilab agreed to have a meeting with the group regarding the technological transfer.

Also, a representative from Swisspharma questioned on the stability of the ointment as most commercially available ointments are not stable at 60° C, and Dean Emeritus Lerma answered that based on their studies it is stable and has a shelf-life of five years. With a report from Jennifer Fortuno

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