A UST Track and Field player is under fire for allegedly stealing his teammate’s cellular phone last April 2.

The Office for Security Affairs reported that the trackster admitted during interrogation that he stole his teammate’s Nokia 5110 cellular phone.

The athlete said he stole the mobile phone and hid it inside his shirt while his teammates were asleep. Afterwards, he went down to the team’s locker room and hid the cellular phone inside his bag.

He went back for it in the afternoon but was confronted by the phone’s owner who immediately suspected the former of the theft.

When asked to be frisked, the trackster resisted, tossed the cellular phone, and tried to run away. But, he was caught by the owner and UST’s security personnel.

Meanwhile, a sexa-genarian bag snatcher was arrested by a security guard last March 14 inside the UST Hospital (USTH).

Sylvia Perez, 67, was caught by security personnel taking the personal belongings of Civil Law student Jovy Ann Escano at the USTH lobby.

Escano has filed a formal complaint against Perez.

Office for Security Affairs records showed that it was the second time that Perez had been caught stealing inside the USTH. After interrogation, the OSA turned her over to Police Station 4. Billy Joe I. Allardo and Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie

Fr. Lana reappointed


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