Doctor Edna Garayblas-Monzon, professor and chairperson of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery bioethics department, criticized the government’s population-control initiatives, calling them merely quick-fix against poverty and other various social crises in the country during the seminar, “Pagpapahalaga sa Sanggol at Pamilya,” last April 10 at the Missionary for Charities Convent in Tayuman, Manila.

“The error of abortion is not the artificiality of the contraceptives, but the contraception itself. It is a violation of the law of nature,” Garayblas-Monzon said.

She added that the abortifacient contraceptives are a step toward abortion and will not only hinder the development of a new life, but also endanger the life of mothers as well.

“Procreation lies with the couple who are inclined with their vow that they had made when they got married;” she told the Varsitarian. “In their union, which is a love-giving relationship, comes a transition of a new life which may never be separated.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Orestes Monzon, the executive administrator of Human Life International – Asia, said the Ligtas Buntis program of the Department of Health should instead be called “Iwas-Buntis” because it focuses more on population-control than showing concern for women’s health.

“Ironically, this program which supposedly intends to save women’s lives, all the more puts them in danger with the various health risks and side-effects that these contraceptives may cause,” Dr. Monzon said.

Participated in by 1,300 parents from the slums around Tayuman, the seminar was organized by the Center for Contextualized Theology and Ethics and aimed to educate and inform people about coercive contraception and to promote advocacy against House Bill 3773.

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