two Chemical Engineering (Chem Eng) students bested five other teams of computer wizards in the first University-wide C-Programming contest.

Out of the teams from the Faculty of Engineering (Engineering), Chem Eng juniors Dana Camille Galang and Juan Paolo Antonio emerged as winners upon solving two problems in “C-Nergy,” a C-Programming contest, at the Information Computer Studies (ICS) laboratory last Feb.4

Galang said they applied simple techniques to their advantage.

“Although there were many ways to solve the problems, we considered that in programming, (the technique) should be as orderly and as short as possible,” she said.

Meanwhile, ICS professor Michael Carreon said lack of C-Programming subjects in the other colleges’ curricula was the major reason for the low turnout in the University event.

“The programming language is mostly used by engineering and math students,” Carreon said. “Although there are students who use Turbo C as a hobby, other colleges do not have Turbo C in their curricula.”

Turbo C or C-programming is a structured and disciplined approach to program design.

He said the Department will improve its information dissemination scheme and encourage non-Engineering majors to join the next edition of the contest.

The ICS department and Information Computer Organization of Engineering sponsored the three-hour competition. The event aimed to develop the critical thinking skills of the students in problem solving through the application of basic functions of C-Language, a language used in computer programming. Marlene H. Elmenzo

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