THE COLLEGE of Commerce is set to revise its curriculum toward business- administration-related fields in view of the separation of the Accountancy program from the College in 2004.

College of Commerce College Secretary Joyce Llana said some of the courses in the College’s general education curriculum will become irrelevant to the students since they are considered preparatory subjects for the Accountancy program. The change in the business community’s trends today is also one of the reasons why the course is being revised.

She said the present Commerce curriculum has 12 units of Basic Accounting, six units per course. But there will only be three units per subject when the revised curriculum is implemented.

Llana also said the new business trends necessitated the curriculum change.

“The curriculum must adapt to the changing situations. Evaluation (of the major) is really a continuous work,” Llana said. “There is always a need to keep up with the changing business environment.”

Llana said there are ongoing dialogues with the faculty, the alumni, and different sectors of students regarding the curriculum change.

This school year, the College will still use the curriculum which Llana referred to as the “transitional” curriculum.

The faculty development and planning meeting scheduled for May 30 to 31 will include further discussions on the curriculum change. Rafael S. Mejia

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