STRUCK with a sun bolt!

After “sticking its feet” into Burlington Shock-XT socks, the UST Center for Research on Movement Sciences (CRMS) tested Sunbolt, a new local sports drink, and found that it is at par with international brands.

According to CRMS director Prof. Joven Cerdenia, tests showed that Sunbolt was “comparable” to leading thirst quencher and “significantly better” than ordinary water in terms of the test subjects’ performance after intake.

“There isn’t much difference between Sunbolt and Gatorade, but the trend is that they have better liquid retention (characteristics) compared to water,” Cerdenia said. “This is manifested through more urine output.”

According to a representative from West Coast Beverages Corporation (West Coast), the local firm developing Sunbolt, the company sought aid from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) and the CRMS in conducting scientific tests to confirm the efficacy of their product compared to other brands.

“We heard that the CRS has the facilities to do the scientific tests (we needed) so we sought their help,” West Coast marketing consultant Edwin Monzon told the Varsitarian. “We just want to prove that this product also has science behind it and that it is not just your usual sugar-plus-water drink.”

Aside from testing Sunbolt’s effect on subject performance, the CRMS also tested its biochemical properties, Cerdenia added.

“The drinks affect (the subjects’) performance level more than they affect physiologic parameters (like body weight, heart rate, etc.),” Cerdenia said. “You will see how long you will be able to run or how much you will feel dehydrated, etc.”

Broken memories

According to Cerdenia, the CRMS tested Sunbolt on 20 physically active CRS students from December 2004 to January 2005.

Sunbolt will be officially launched next month, Monzon said.


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