ELECTRONICS and Communication Engineering professors (ECE) have found a way to benefit both students and faculty with the online ECE diagnostic exam.

Given to fifth-year students before the ECE board exam review, the test covered three ECE core subjects: electronics, mathematics and communication. It was given at the Faculty of Engineering’s computer laboratories and utilized the assessment engine of the UST e-Learning Access Program. Individual and group assessments of the scores were viewed immediately after the test.

Lourdes Baldelomar, chair of the ECE department, said that the test could gauge the students’ performance in the three subject areas.

“The test is given so that the students can determine which topics they need to review more for the board exams,” Baldelomar told the Varsitarian.

To deal with the students’ waterloo subjects, professors can then adjust their teaching approach accordingly, Baldelomar said.

“It will give the professors an idea on what subjects to emphasize or improve for the incoming fifth-year students,” Baldelomar added.

She also said that the test is a good preparation for examinees since it is patterned after the actual board exam.

“The diagnostic test is a preparation for the board exams because in the test students can already expect the board that they will face and will know how to start their review,” she added.

However, the faculty will not solely depend on the online test to prepare the students for the board exams, she said. They will continue to conduct free refresher course and a pre-board exam.

“The test really helps, but we have to ensure its efficiency since it was just launched last March,” Baldelomar said. John Constantine G. Cordon

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