THOMASIANS can head straight to the UST Health Service (USTHS) for consultations on their health conditions.

USTHS offers a variety of free and discounted medical check-ups on specialized service such as cardiology, dermatology, internal and family medicine, neurology and psychiatry, general surgery, eye, ear, nose and throat treatment dentistry, and obstetrics and gynecology.

USTHS also attends to minor surgeries such as stitching of wounds, removal of warts, incision and drainage of blisters, which come for free. Moreover, it has an X-ray unit capable of assessing bone and chest conditions.

Meanwhile, all bonafide students, employees, and faculty members may also avail themselves of hospitalization benefits at the UST Hospital. A student confined for medical treatment or surgery under a USTH physician will be given a 50% discount for doctor’s fee. In cases of accidents occurring within the University premises, emergency treatment are free of charge. Rieze Rose T. Calbay

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