RESEARCH Center for Natural Sciences director Maribel Nonato was appointed last Feb. 7 as acting assistant to the Rector for Research and Development. She replaced Fr. Rolando De la Rosa O.P., who went on indefinite leave after suffering from a still unknown sickness.

“Although it is quite difficult to plan a position on an acting capacity, everything has been premeditated by Fr. Dela Rosa,” Nonato said. “Right now, we are concentrating on putting up institutional intellectual property rights to safeguard the researches in the University.”

Nonato, who will still be holding the two positions concurrently, said that academic researches are important for higher educational institutions and that the University’s researches have been fairing from other universities.

“The Center for Intercultural Studies (CIS) fete in the Commission on Higher Education’s Best Research Program shows how good our centers are,” Nonato said. “Of all the university, UST is the only one that houses ten research centers.”

Nonato also bared her plans to follow CIS success in the Ched Best Research Program with CRNS and Center for Health Sciences and join other research competitions as well.

“Being cited in these kind of competitions only affirms the value of research the centers had been doing,” Nonato said.

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