NURSING students may soon take up their lessons at home, as the College of Nursing plans to make its program available in the Internet.

“Students can work at home or wherever they are on their subjects,” Nursing Dean Glenda Vargas said. “We can also offer the program to applicants abroad through distance learning.”

The online program will enable students unable to attend school to access modules authored by the College professors for major nursing courses. It can also cater to students abroad who are unable to come to the University to study.

The on-the-job training and major exams, however, will be required to be taken on campus.

“This is to avoid cheating and other forms of intellectual dishonesty,” Vargas said. “But we have to fix first the technology here in the University because it is not yet perfected.”

According to Vargas, there are still many factors to consider for the Nursing Distance Learning to push through. Not all the faculty members are okay with the concept because the lessons are not only applied in the internship and there are subjects in the curriculum that are hands-on.

“Nursing students are not confined only in the classroom. Skills are not only for demonstration,” Nursing Professor Earl Sumile said. “Application is not only for practicum we still have to practice the students before their internship.”

The College is still waiting for the faculty and the University’s affirmation before implementing the program. Joanarc T. Villaflor with reports from Mary Rose Pabelonia



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