Last Sunday, I saw a photo in a major daily showing a container van full of stolen parts of railroad tracks that law enforcers intercepted in Bulacan. It’s just unbelievable.

A few issues ago, I wrote in this space that Filipinos just have a way of not helping each other. Again, that incident is another example of how some of our countrymen make life harder for their fellow Filipinos.

I wonder how some of our fellowmen could conscience stealing those parts knowing it could result in “train” derailment.

In connection with the railway tragedy in Padre Burgos, Quezon last week, some newspaper reports said the tracks where the accident occurred had vital parts missing that contributed to the train’s derailment.

The bulk of the blame rests on the government since it has not really paid attention to the rehabilitation of the aging railways. But ordinary citizens should share the blame.

Most of the time, the stolen parts end up in junk shops. I’m not privy to junk shop transactions, but I believe those parts could cost a fortune since they are made out of sturdy materials. On the other hand, junk shops should refuse to buy these articles in order to discourage stealing of railroad parts.

Stealing is already bad. But making a living at the expense of other people’s lives is unforgivable. I just hope those thieves realize their folly in time.

But most probably, they won’t.

I guess they’ll only learn their lessons the hard way when another accident happens, and this time their loved ones or they are the victims.

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Still on the topic of government property pilferage, another hot item is the steel manhole lids.

In recent years, there have already been numerous reports of persons falling into open manholes especially during rainy season when flooding is very rampant.

The Philippines is already drowning in debts and these stupid and selfish thieves just make matters worse. Every time the government replaces the manhole covers, it shells out funds which could have been used for some other livelihood projects.

Moreover, these are the same people who blame the government for their misery. They, however, do not see that they are really the ones causing their misery.


Sometimes, I really could not understand why there are so many Filipinos who could not care less and who only think about selfish goals, Filipinos who always want to take advantage of others.

It is, from my point of view, the reason the Philippines is regressing. Instead of helping one another, especially in these trying times, we put each other down.

Perhaps, Filipinos, especially the selfish ones, are up for a rude awakening.


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