TO CHECK its “stagnation” in recent years, the Student Organizations Coordinating Council (SOCC) plans to reinvent itself to make its presence more felt.

“Even though it is logical to think the SOCC coordinates the organizations in the University, this has been unknown to the students,” SOCC president Michael Vincent Uy said during the 30th SOCC-Leadership Training Seminar (SOCC-LTS) workshop.

The SOCC will recruit new members by getting coordinators from every organization. It also abolished the University-wide Battle of the Bands and replaced it with the Thomasian Leadership Congress.

The SOCC will also focus on the proper liquidation by campus of the organizations’ funds.

The SOCC has also changed its executive board and publicity program.

SOCC will also hold interactions with the coordinating councils of other universities.

“This is a big year for the SOCC since it will only be five years before the University’s quadricentennial in 2011,” Uy said. “We have been stagnant for some years, now we’re adhering to the council’s purpose.” Joanarc T. Villaflor

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