DUE TO the increased number of robbery cases and the recent death of two Thomasians, the University Belt Area (U-Belt) Police Community Precinct and UST is forming a security force to ensure the safety of students, commercial establishments, and residents in the area.

According to UST Security Service detachment commander Clemente Dingayan, University representatives, U-Belt police officers, owners and managers of commercial establishments, and chairmen of barangays around UST reached an agreement to form beat patrollers who will provide additional security in the area during a meeting with UBA station commander Capt. Ariel Caramoan last March 9.

“This is a long term solution to the security problems of the University and the residents around UST,” Dingayan said.

Four barangay tanods and one police officer will be assigned to each sector to monitor the security of the areas in the morning and at night. Dingayan added that the barangay tanods were trained to use arnis.

Task Force Tulong-Tulong Bawat Isa (Tutubi) is a 42-man team, mainly composed of barangay tanods from the 42 barangays around the University. Task Force Tutubi will have eight teams, composed of four barangay tanods and one police officer for each team, who will take turns in securing the four sectors of U-Belt, which include UST, Legarda, Lerma and the University of the East, 24 hours a day. The barangay tanods will be equipped with arnis sticks and are deputized to make arrests.

Owners and managers of commercial establishments around the University will help fund and maintain the project.

In addition to Tutubi, Manila city administrator Gaudencio Nable promised to complete the installation of street lights along Padre Noval St., the fielding of civilian law enforcement volunteers, Manila Peace Makers, around the perimeter of the UST. He also ordered a stop to the parking of PVP Liner and Auto-Bus Line buses, removal of comfort room and waiting shed in front of UST on España Blvd., and the clearing of the immediate perimeter of UST from illegal vendors.

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Last month, a College of Rehabilitation Science sophomore was killed on P. Noval st. after he refused to give his belongings to robbers.

Even with the presence of the additional security forces, Dingayan said the University will still maintain the added security guards roving outside the gates of UST provide more security to students and residents of nearby areas. April Dawn Jennifer C. Adriatico


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