THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters will no longer offer the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (AB-BSE) next year after the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) increased the number of units required to complete the program.

“We are removing the AB-BSE course due to new directives released by Ched that will needlessly prolong the program,” Arts and Letters Dean Armando de Jesus told the Varsitarian.

The Department of Education (DepEd) revised the curriculum for elementary and secondary level students. As a result, Ched increased the requirements for secondary education majors to adapt to the new curriculum imposed by DepEd.

De Jesus said that the incoming AB-BSE freshmen students will be the last batch under this program.

The double-degree program used to require eight semesters and three periods of summer classes. But with the newly-imposed Ched requirement for secondary education majors, AB-BSE students will take a maximum of six years to finish the program.

“There is a tremendous increase in the number of units for Education in the new curriculum. Major subjects in Education rose from 30 units to 60 units and AB-BSE already has 60 units,” College of Education Dean Clotilde Arcangel explained.

She added that a Teachers Certificate Program can be offered to Arts and Letters students who wish to take Education units and become teachers. The program can be completed in three periods of summer classes.

“Students who will pursue the certificate program will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree and will be awarded a certificate of teaching after completing the required 30 professional units for Education,” said Arcangel.

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She also said that the certificate program will allow the graduates to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Last October, the AB-BSE program posted 94 per cent passing rate in the secondary level LET as 17 out of its 18 examinees passed. AB-BSE graduates Leland Alejandro and Kathlyn Sta. Maria ranked sixth and ninth, respectively. Verity Ayrah B. Cabigao



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