NEW BULLYING cases involving fraternities emerged at the Faculty of Civil Law, just weeks after “standoff” incidents led to the suspension of fraternity members.

Records of the Civil Law Student Council showed that a freshman was publicly humiliated by one member of a fraternity, another freshman was beaten inside the Main Building comfort room by three fraternity members wearing brass knuckles, and another freshman was verbally abused and confronted inside the Miguel de Benavides Library.

Last Oct. 13, law fraternities Gamma Delta Epsilon and Aegis Juris were suspended following a complaint from the Office of the Bar Confidant regarding an alleged confrontation between the two groups during the second week of the bar examinations last Oct. 12.

Victor Villanueva, council president, said both fraternities were also involved in the public humiliation incident, but declined to identify which group was responsible.

Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina confirmed all three incidents, and said the faculty, together with the Student Welfare and Development Board, was conducting an investigation.

“This is a training ground for future lawyers. We will not tolerate acts of violence so sanctions will be imposed. But we have to go through due process and observe the rules of fair play,” he said.

Divina held a dialogue with the fraternities and lifted their suspension last Oct. 27. However, an inquiry into the supposed standoff will still take place.

“Without prejudice to the ongoing investigation, even if I lift the suspension [but] it turns out based on the investigation that we have to expel [the students], then we will expel [them]. We will impose the appropriate sanctions that will be recommended by the committee,” Divina said.

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The dean said that while the faculty cannot ban fraternities because of the right to form associations, UST can revoke the recognition of fraternities that violate rules. Arianne F. Merez


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