Its almost four in the morning. I have a major plate and this column due in 24 hours. My eyelids feel so heavy that it’s hard to view, much less write this article properly. It has been three straight days without sleep going to our finals week.

People often asks me why I waste my time on extra-curricular activities and organizations. “Matulog ka na lang. Kailangan mo ‘yun, e,” they would say. Indeed, to most people, extra-curricular activities are simply a waste of precious time. But do they themselves know how to spend this “precious time”?

As far as I can remember, my attitude towards these “waste of time” translated into opportunities to meet people, improve my personality, talent, skills and aspiration. Joining student organizations like the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary has helped me improve my knowledge about the practice. My stint as a Varsitarian art director, for example, has provided me knowledge on the media, journalism, organizational skills and graphic arts, which I’m sure I wouldn’t learn in Architecture. It has provided me better chances at landing a job after graduating.

Life is full of opportunities. But if one does not know how to capitalize on them then they become worthless. Opportunities are not always delivered to your doorstep. There are times when you must be the one to look for them. If one really yearns for success and good life, one must know how to get it through hard work, patience, and the drive to improve.

After submitting this column and finishing the layout of another Varsitarian issue plus all my other responsibilities in the “V”, I revert to being an Architecture student to study for our finals exam. After that, I discharge on my duties in my other org and try to accomplish them all in time.


Why do people like me waste time on these things?

Happiness and an incomparable sense of achievement that comes after spending sleepless nights in the “V” office, trying to finish the paper while eating nothing else but chicken breast fillet sandwich of Wendy’s (the only fastfood in the area open during ungodly hours). The feeling that I and others, are working hard so that our fellow students may be better informed. That after every congress, seminar and convention that I attend, I know I have gained enough knowledge and experience to face life’s trials and opportunities.

* * *

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” they say. If we are to journey through life, would we waste it in meaningless actions? Do we have the tools to survive and the knowledge to decide? Will we just sit back and wait until the “bayabas” fall straight into our mouth?

* * *

Many successful and prominent persons have passed my way. This road in life that I have taken allows me to be who I want to be, to show the world what I can do. This load and supports me in the direction that I want to take.

It lets me be someone. It is a privilege to live and it is up to us to decide if we are to live this life or just let it waste away.

Now that this column is finished, back to my yet unfinished major plate. Live life, my fellow students. Be someone and be proud.


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