QUID quid recipitur recipitur in modu recipientur, the philosophical maxim goes. Whatever is received is received in the mode of the receiver.

The adage neatly sums up reality as seen by each one of us, through the eyes and according to the circumstances of each subject, each “I”. To word it in a very simplified manner, when one is mad, even a cheerful smile may be misread as deceitful, and when one is cheerful, things normally maddening are of no moment.

But this is more than just making my former Philosophy teachers proud. This is a realization that the explanation for everything has been with us all along. This is a discovery of something similar to Einstein’s string theory. And this is real.

Quid quid recipitur recipitur in modu recipientur.

In a specific if severely limited sense, this is why rallyists constantly take to the streets on an otherwise idle Tuesday. They believe that GMA is not the rightful president, and thus view everything thrown at them, whether rhetoric or water, as measures maliciously calculated to keep her in power, even if the rallyists themselves go out of the bounds set by the rally permit.

This is why people are not supportive of new programs by whoever is in governance, because in many past instances, these programs were a waste of money and time, served only to beef up a resumé, and did not have any substantial contribution to the development of the community. Heck, sometimes they even led to a downgrade in intellect.

This is why students are almost not surprised that the enrollment is postponed to a week later, despite the fact that this time, the administration may have a valid excuse in that the computer servers have seen better days and need total replacement. Students are not surprised because enrollments have a way of being postponed for one reason or another, sometimes as simple as the teacher failing to submit a grade on time.

Martial law again?

This is why you do not react too much if a student is shot dead or a close friend is attacked on the street at night; this is Manila, and it happens.

This is why you are not surprised that there were no police when it happened. There are always no police when it happens, say the movies.

This is why you get uneasy whenever, not too optimistic while waiting for exam results, you hear of a professor mentioning your name in passing and not explaining why.

This is why friends fall out when they get into petty arguments; either of the two sides or both feel as if the integrity of their soul has been breached by the other, and all explanations perish in the wake of spiteful ears.

This is why silence is mercilessly deafening when you expect to hear something and you don’t.

Quid quid recipitur recipitur in modu recipientur, my friends.

Of course, this is the cynic speaking, the frustrated idealist tired of ranting about things that should be done or should not be done or simply should be or not be. This is an instance of our Latin maxim in operation, and the lens that just happens to be before my eyes right now says these things happen. It can be proved using quantum physics, says a friend of mine, with whom I agree. But that’s another story.

Or maybe it is the semestral break and my mind is likewise on vacation. Enjoy the break, everyone.


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