“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” -Sir Winston Churchill

THESE inspiring words from the great Sir Winston Churchill speaks of how a person should take his destiny at one hand and the challenges that come his way in the other.

A lot of people have asked me why we chose to hold the Diamond Valik-Varsi outdoors (which we held last Dec. 14), underneath a canopy of stars and the cool evening sky, despite an impending threat of rain. It is because we wanted to stress that the Varsitarian has always been such—outside, exposed to the elements and ever allowing the world to shape its destiny.

Since its birth, the Varsitarian has been about defying odds, conquering difficulties, and hurdling challenges that come in the publication’s pursuit of Thomasian truth and excellence.

On this momentous day, the publication pays tribute to that group of students 75 years ago, who went out of their way with the determination of coming out with a paper so that Thomasians might have something “to write on.” These people defied the odds. They refused to allow their dreams and vision of a Varsitarian to succumb to the fear of losing.

And despite doubts and obstacles, this publication has survived the decades. For it has always been my belief that a dedicated ‘V’ staffer will always find ways to prevail. For failure is never an excuse in the Varsitarian.

Indeed, being a “Varsi” staffer is an honor. This badge of honor is earned by a true staffer as he forego pain, hunger, sleeplessness, heartaches, certain personal liberties and even his own health so that the he may publish a paper worthy of the Thomasian reader—the same experience shared an illustrious tradition and a distinguished lot of individuals that accepts no less than the best.

UST bids farewell to a true servant of God

And after several generations, we look at a Varsitarian that has withstood time, regimes, and eras. We look at a Varsitarian that has blossomed into a pillar of campus journalism.

This is the saga of the Varsitarian and the story of the people behind it.

On this day, the publication looks back to the beginnings of a great and indomitable dream of the Thomasian writer—to have a paper of its own.

From this day, the publication will continue to defy the odds.


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