CLEANING the environment is hazardous to your health. To minimize the hazards, the well-meaning cleaner should bear in mind the following:

1. Wear your most comfortable outfit and be ready to get dirty.

You will be doing a lot of bending and crouching so wear clothes which are comfortable. Protect yourself from diseases caused by insects by wearing pants and sleeved shirts so that your skin will not be exposed to their bites.

2. Wear gloves.

You do not know what harmful chemicals the trash that you would be picking up may contain. Some may even contain chemicals which are hard to take off. Wear rubber gloves.

3. Protect your feet. Wear boots.

If you are cleaning the rivers and seas of the city, it is best to protect your feet. Many of the bodies of water in the city are polluted. Protect yourself by wearing rubber boots.

4. Cover mouth with gas mask.

Carbon monoxide emitted by smokers and smoke belchers may not show physical evidences the moment they enter your system. But this harmful air can create a big damage to your lungs and can even cause diseases such as lung cancer. Protect yourself from this by wearing a gas mask. Through this, the air that will enter your body will be filtered, thus, making your lungs safe from toxic air.

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