ST. THOMAS’ teaching is a sound philosophy to protect marriage and the family.

The President of the Pontifical Council for the Family Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo said this in his speech at the UST Medicine Auditorium last March 20. The University conferred to the Cardinal the degree of Doctor of Theology, Honoris Causa.

“The solidity of his philosophies on the delicate impressions, spiritual meditations his theology has been spoken time and again by the magisterium of the church,” he said.

According to Cardinal Trujillo, during his years of formation in the Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome, he was always drawn to the dialogue between faith and reason in the contemporary wars. As the Secretary General and later President of Theological Reflection Team for the Latin-American Episcopate (CELAM), Cardinal Trujillo was always inspired and guided by St. Thomas.

Cardinal Trujillo said that he would soon head a Holy See delegation, a special assembly for children organized by United Nations. The Cardinal expressed his alarm that many laws in these countries have further degraded the situation of the marriage and family.

Cardinal Trujillo said that the many laws which legitimizes killings of innocent being through abortion and euthanasia, are a “complete opposition of the right to life of every individual.”

“The deplorable harassment to which marriage and family is being subjected in many places in Europe and America implies not only the deterioration of the common good but also serious damage for future generation,” he said.

In this regard, Cardinal Trujillo quoted St. Thomas Aquinas.

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“Human law is innocuous if it is in conformity with the right reason. But when a law is contrary to reason it ceases to be a law but becomes instead an act of violence,” Cardinal Trujillo said.

Cardinal Trujillo expressed his confidence in UST “ which has been outstanding as a vital, intellectual nucleus of evangelization not only of the Philippines but also of the whole Asia continent.” This is because the “fruitfulness” of St. Thomas’ work is a celestial pact that serves as a lasting heritage that can reach the vast areas of science.”

Born in Colombia, Cardinal Trujillo is “unwavering in his commitment in upholding the human dignity.” His membership extends to various associations like the Congregations of the Doctrine of the Faith, for the Bishops, for the Evangelization of People, and for the Causes of the Saints; and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

He authored the Liberacion Marxista y Liberacion Cristiana, De Medellin a Puebla, Caminos de Evangelizacion, Momento Historico de Paz, and The Family: Gift and Commitment, Hope for Humanity. Maria Pacita C. Joson


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