THE UNIVERSITY’S P50-million power substation is now operational.

According to Engr. Oliver Gagarin, who is in charge of the substation’s electrical and instrumentation unit, the project dubbed as POWER 2000 has been finished since the last week of August––two weeks ahead of the target completion date of Sept. 11.

However, they were only able to fully operate the substation last Sept. 15 after securing the approval of the city mayor’s office.

Gagarin said they applied for a permit last May 3 but their request had to undergo a long process of screening. The University was given the Certificate of Inspection last Sept. 13.

The substation is powered by 15 mega volt amperes, which will assure the University and the hospital of back-up power in case of interruption or failure.

In addition, the new substation is highly modernized and computer-operated.

Gagarin assured that there is nothing to worry about the operation of the new substation because there are “fallbacks” in case the computer control fails.

He explained that if a problem arose, they could switch to electrical control and then to manual control.

Furthermore, he said problems with the substation will appear on the computer to facilitate immediate solution. Teodoro Lorenzo A. Fernandez

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