SHOULD the term of Faculty of Arts and Letters Dean Armando de Jesus be extended?

Based on University policies, a dean is limited to two terms. De Jesus has been dean for two terms (2001-2003, and 2006-2009), but University policies allow the Rector the discretion to grant an extension.

Consuelo Gotauco, Math, Science and Computer coordinator of Artlets, said there would be no problem if De Jesus would be reappointed.

“With [Dean De Jesus], there is a free conversation. You can say anything, and he would listen,” Gotauco said.

Carlos Manapat, chairman of the Artlets Social Sciences department, agreed.

“De Jesus is a very good dean. He knows what he is doing. He practices good management, and he has been dean for a long time,” Manapat said.

But no less than 20 Artlets faculty members, many of them senior faculty, have signed a petition, asking Rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P. not to extend De Jesus’s term.

A petitioner, who refused to be named, declined to divulge the details of the petition, saying it was a “privileged communication” with the Rector.

The letter reportedly cited the “demoralization” the faculty has suffered under the dean.Artlets faculty club president Arlo Luis Salvador II did not comment on the alleged petition against De Jesus.

“It means that democracy is at work in Arts and Letters. That is part of freedom of expression,” Salvador said.

De la Rosa said the appointment of admistrators follows a process. “Whether they will be reappointed will depend on the recommendation of the search committee and approval of the Council of Regents and Academic Senate,” he said.

No to ROTC as compulsory

Dean De Jesus declined to comment on the issue. Cliff Harvey C. Venzon


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