JUST in keeping with the times.

The AMV-College of Accountancy will adopt next school year an automated way of computing grades after a successful trial during the final examinations for summer classes.

College Secretary Josephine Relis said Opscan Insight 4 OMR 202, the counting machine purchased from supplier Syrex Corp. can evaluate 2,000 test papers in an hour.

“We’ve wanted to acquire this machine for a long time. Now the students will know their test results within minutes after the exam,” Relis said.

The same machine is also being used by the colleges of Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and the Admissions Office.

College of Accountancy clerk Shirley de Chavez said customized test papers that look like “lotto cards” will also be used.

“The students will have to answer our 120-item specialized test papers from the supplier,” De Chavez said.

Fourth-year accounting student Cris Evert Ramos said automation may be advantageous, but worried about making erasures.

“The machine is good, our test results came out almost instantly. But erasures can sure shave some points off our test,” Ramos said.

All faculty members and staff of the college will be oriented on how to operate the machine to ease the workload of professors checking the students’ papers.

Accounting professor Edgar Allan Uy said automation will relieve the stress of checking exams.

“The grading of students will be more efficient,” Uy said.

Aside from counting test scores, the machine can also count ballots for student elections and tally responses from University surveys. But Relis said the machine is strictly for examinations only. Darenn G. Rodriguez

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