RECTOR Fr. Rolando de la Rosa O.P., has postponed the University’s attempt to mount the largest “living rosary,” citing “unpredictable weather.”

In a memorandum dated October 5, De la Rosa rescheduled the quadricentennial activity, dubbed Q Rosary on December 8.

“We have rescheduled the said activity on December 8, 2010 which is a more propitious time inasmuch as it is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception,” De la Rosa said in the memo.

“It seemed providential that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines declared December 8 as a school day. Although an academic one, the date remains a holy day of obligation, so the [University] ought to prepare this event for the students,” said Richard Pazcoguin, assistant director of the Center for Campus Ministry.

A mass was held at the Plaza Mayor in honor of the Our Lady of Manaoag last October 7, in place of the Q Rosary.

The second official replica of the image of the Our Lady of Manaoag from Pangasinan, which was supposed to be used during the Q Rosary, was placed at the entrance of the Main Building.

The University wants to mount the largest living rosary to unite the Thomasian community in prayer and thanksgiving, as well as to deepen the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the praying of the rosary.

“The rosary is the simplest kind of prayer and it is the most portable kind of prayer. Even if you have forgotten your rosary, you can still pray the rosary. Why? Because you have your ten fingers,” said Vice Rector for Religious Affairs Fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner III, O.P.

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No less than 20,000 Thomasian administrators, faculty members, non-teaching employees, and students will participate in the Q Rosary.

First and second year students enrolled in Theology classes are required to join the activity while students in higher year levels may participate by signing up with their local student councils.

“More or less [the formation used in the dry run] will also be used in the postponed event. But if we’re really vying for the Guiness [World] Record, the formation has to be very beautiful,” Pazcoguin said.

Pazcoguin said some problems regarding the formation were “proportion constraints” and the need to set an aerial view.

“Tinitingnan natin siyempre yung best possibility na kitang-kita talaga na nakabuo tayo ng human rosary, hindi lang basta nagkumpul-kumpol yung mga tao,” Pazcoguin said.

He added that the Q Rosary Committee, headed by Timoner, would still have to meet regarding the event after the “Q Retreat” for faculty members.

There was a dry run last September 30 wherein classes from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. were suspended. However, the rehearsal was affected by drizzle.



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