UNION BANK has donated P50 million for the digitization and publication of the Lumina Pandit exhibit last April 28, UST’s quadricentennary.

Lumina Pandit II: Unending Light is a project that aims to “preserve and continuously upgrade” Miguel de Benavides Library’s collection of rare books and valuable historical documents which were shown in the exhibit that ended last April 13.

Fr. Rolando De la Rosa, O.P., Rector of UST, said the five-year project aims to “continually spread the light, in order to dispel the darkness of ignorance.”

“Through digitization, the University will be able to reach out, not only to Filipinos, but to all people by making available to them all our archives, manuscripts and other historical documents,” he said.

UST hopes to uplift the historical consciousness of Thomasians through the Internet, he added.

“If people outside the University are interested in our library treasures, perhaps Thomasians themselves can be the first to appreciate what we have now instead of spending their time on games and social networking sites,” added De la Rosa. Daphne J. Magturo

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