IS THE youth of today becoming shallow?

Sadly, yes.

What has caused this shallowness, then?

Perhaps, because the media have become shallow or because the youth have misused them so as to foster an environment of shallowness.

Facebook is a tool that facilitates beyond geographical boundaries. However, it has turned out to be an instrument of stringing out meaningless thoughts and activities to the millions of its users.

I must admit, Facebook has become a part of my daily routine. Everyday, I check my account to check for important announcements, but most of the time I would view status updates and posts that are horribly nonsensical and at the same time, irritating.

Why in the world would you post something like, “Here at Starbucks, enjoying my frappucino. YUM,” “Have my hair done today,” “Just got home,” “About to take a shower,” ”I just stepped on dog manure. Eew,” “My toothpaste is too minty,” and the list goes on and on and on.

What’s worse are the personal messages that pop right from the computer screen that ask for your “support” to “like” a certain photo of something I am not interested in.

Mind my words, but I don’t want to see other people’s unnecessary dramatizations of unimportant occurrences in their lives, as they only bury more some important posts, which make sense and which I need to read.

Facebook today is becoming a collection of absurd “journals” because of the superficial updates and posts.

For me, Facebook is for communication—the sharing of things that matter—and perhaps, things that increase your knowledge. It’s to satisfy one’s vanity and boastfulness. Who cares about one having eaten in a fancy and expensive restaurant?

Pagtatalo sa 'tamang' konsensiya

Practically, Facebook has twisted the concept of “privacy.” It guards people to expose themselves unnecessarily while intruding into the privacy of others. Worse is that people do not really understand it either. What’s the sense of putting your account in private when you accept friend requests from people you do not even know?

I don’t understand why people love the idea of other people “watching” or knowing what they are doing by the minute. Either because they want to be “famous” or they intend to brag.

It is distressing that the youth have squandered what could be a very helpful media channel and it is frightening that they may waste essential interfaces due to their shallowness.

I call on you, dear reader, to please use social networking sites—and all other websites for that matter—productively. Let us spread ideas and knowledge, not mere blabberings and ramblings of inanity.


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