NO INFORMATION technology school yet for the next academic year.

Contrary to the announcement by Faculty of Engineering Dean Philipina Marcelo, the planned spinoff of the Department of Information and Computer Studies (ICS) has been put on hold.

Marcelo, however, stressed that the process of separating ICS from Engineering remained in progress, but was “undergoing several phases.”

“We cannot afford to spin ICS off into a new college without making sure that it will be very strong,” she said. “ICS will still be a part of the Faculty of Engineering but there will be major changes definitely, in terms of administration. But I cannot talk about it yet because, like I said, it’s not yet approved.”

In a previous interview, Clarita Carillo, vice rector for academic affairs, said a feasibility study was supposed to be submitted by the end of January for review and approval. But the study was delayed due to the “critical factors” the faculty had discovered.

Marcelo did not specify the reasons behind the setback but said the different nature of the two colleges delayed the spinoff.

“[Our goal] is to become a very strong technology arm of the University, [but] we cannot do that now because the two units focus on different aspects,” Marcelo said. “Information and Computer Studies has four-year courses and deals with integrating technology, while Engineering has five-year courses and they handle hardcore technology.”

Carillo has yet to respond to the Varsitarian’s request for comment.

Formed in 1999, ICS was initially under the helm of the College of Science, before it was transferred to Engineering in 2004. Cez Mariela Teresa G. Verzosa

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