FACULTY members seeking tenure don’t have to be “satisfactory” all the time.

Union officials have asked the administration to ease up on a requirement for probationary faculty members to obtain “at least a satisfactory rating in all competence evaluation results” to qualify for tenure, saying this contradicts the 2006-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The requirement is among the proposals being negotiated under the next CBA but is already being implemented, UST Faculty Union (USTFU) Vice President for Grievance and Complaints Reynaldo Reyes noted in his April 16 letter to Clarita Carillo, the vice rector for academic affairs.

Carillo has yet to respond to the Varsitarian’s request for comment.

Reyes cited Article XV Section 3 of the CBA, which does not require satisfactory rating in all competence evaluation results during the probationary period.

Reyes said the minimum requirement for tenure under the CBA is four semesters of satisfactory evaluation, excluding the first evaluation in consideration of faculty members’ need for adjustment.

“According to the CBA, after the first evaluation, any two unsatisfactory ratings [mean] dismissal, which means that after the first evaluation, one unsatisfactory evaluation is still good enough for tenure… Ang gusto nila (Academic Affairs) six satisfactory competence evaluation results,” Reyes told the Varsitarian. “Sa amin hindi, it should be five to include the first [evaluation] or four to exclude the first [evaluation]. That means [the ratings can’t be] all satisfactory. That would be unfair.”

The University should stick to the CBA with the Faculty Union and follow fair labor practices, said John Vincent Ignacio, Nursing Faculty Club president.

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“If [Academic Affairs] is implementing rules that are contrary to the provisions stipulated in our CBA, that would be a basis for unfair labor practice. You just can’t change the rules in the middle of the game,” Ignacio said.


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